Why does customs clearance take long?

When receiving goods from abroad, customs can cause delays. There are many reasons why our shipment may be delayed. Usually, this is caused by one important detail or declaration thatโ€™s been missed. However, delays can also be due to other circumstances, such as weather and issues at the port. We have highlighted seven key reasons for you to consider, so you can understand shipment delays โ€“ see below:

  1. Incorrect Customs Declarations
  2. Incorrect Paperwork & Documents
  3. Incorrect Licence and Certificates
  4. Customs Timescales
  5. Seasonal events and holidays
  6. Volatility, i.e. strikes, weather
  7. Fines or Impounded Stock

We strive to achieve effective performance management in every part of the supply chain to ensure that we can successfully fulfil your needs as a customer. We trust that the Customs compliance specialists that we work with will do their best to resolve any delays as soon as possible.